People of all generations are invited to LOGOS. Young people will make up a large part of the conference and have a decisive influence on it, and so we want to give you young people the opportunity to prepare the conference in your own way, with your own ideas and wishes. For this purpose we have our own youth meetings where we discuss all these things: How do you envision LOGOS? What do you want in the way of lectures, workshops, cultural contributions? What is important to you?

The preparatory meetings of the youth group usually take place over a weekend with an overnight stay. Currently we have to improvise a bit, of course. For more information, please contact Raphaela Pöllmann. And if you subscribe to her mailing list you will receive the information automatically. The organisers for the youth team also include Lena Cysarz, a young woman from Herdecke, and Ben Black, a priest in Cologne.