All generations are invited to come to LOGOS. It is a great thing for us, when young people and young adults make their way to the conference. You will be a big part of it and will have a significant impact on the event. Our intention is therefore to give you young people the opportunity to prepare the conference with your ideas and wishes.
For this purpose, we had our own youth meetings, in which we schared ideas: How do you imagine LOGOS? What would you like to see in the lectures, workshops, cultural contributions? What is important to you?

There will be daily offers for the young at the conference in the forum of the Georgschule. So, if in doubt, always go to the George School!

In the morning there will be an Act of Consecration of Man for the youth, where there will be a lot of singing. Both mornings and afternoons there will also be a special lecture for the young at the George School. There is no need to register for them.

Every day after the official programe, there will be a “Night Café” in the big tent: From and for the youth. On Monday evening there will be an Open Space, also from and for the youth, where you and your crativity are invited to bloom.

Workshops can be found on our website. They will take place both in the mornings and afternoons. So either you have your workshop in the morning and a lecture in the afternoon or the other way around. If you haven’t been able to decide yet: You can find a list of our workshop recommendations here; You have to register for these in advance (you will get the link for it after your registration).

What happens at Christian Community youth conferences is almost indescribable: open minded people with similar interests and ideals come from all over the world to experience something together. Singing, dancing, walks and hours of conversation, but specially the common time at the altar, build the essence of this experience.

The conference will take place soon. But until then there is still a lot to do. Would you like to get involved in the preparations? The next meetings will take place from September the 15th to the 18th and from October the 3rd, directly before the conference.

We are looking forward to your coming and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
Ben Black, Isabel and Nathanael Becker