Workshops are held three times each. Here you can – and should! – register for a workshop.

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Fully booked! WS-001: Sacrament and Alchemy (Volker Harlan) (DE)
Sacrament und Alchemy
The Meaning of Earthly Substances for the Implementation of the SacramentsVolker Harlan

Study of the manifestation and essence of the three baptismal substances WATER – SALT – ASH – as representatives of the three alchemical processes MERCURY – SALT – SULPHUR. Perspectives on the other concepts of substances used in the sacraments.

Personal details: Born in Dresden, attended school in the Ruhr District, Youth Group in Essen (Dr. D. Lauenstein), studies at the Priests’ Seminary (Dr. F. Benesch), biology major in Kiel und Stuttgart, painting with Johannes Rath (Frankfurt). ordination in 1965, since then priest in Bochum and Witten. Faculty member at our Seminaries and at various academies in the study of substances, botany, color theory and art history. – A number of publications in these areas.

Language: German

WS-002: Human encounter as a sacrament (Jean-Marie Falcone - Gillian Falcone-Turnham - Isabelle Groneman) (EN)
Human encounter as a sacrament
A human being can only learn to walk, to talk and to think, if he is in contact with other human beings. To develop himself as a human being, to become more and more «I AM» is only possible through human encounters.
«To come to an understanding of the human being, as a revelation of the divine world, with as much gravity and intensity as possible, this will have one day, when it becomes true, a very definite consequence: from the outset the encounter of a human being with another will become a religious act: it will become a sacrament (Rudolf Steiner, GA 182, conference from the 9th of October 1918).»
We intend to plant together with you a seed from the future into our present time in experiencing the holy mystery of the human encounter at three levels: through the power of astonishment and marveling in our thinking, through the power of compassion and love in our feeling, through the power of moral consciousness in our will.

Personal details: Jean-Marie Falcone: Priester der Christengemeinschaft seit 2007
Gillian Falcone-Turnham: Englisch Lehrerin – Musik (Guitarre)
Isabelle Gronemann: Consultant in Personal Development

Language: English

Alter: 21-100

WS-019: Christ at Work (Regina und Frank Hörtreiter) (DE, EN)
Christ at Work
Physician – Teacher – Priest – Waste Reclycling
It is unwise to cross professional boundaries: delusions of omnipotence! But in every profession there slumber workings of Christ; the most modern such workings are to be found in places of little purity.

Regina Hörtreiter has been a teacher since 1968.
Frank Hörtreiter has been a priest since 1970 and is publicity representative of the Christian Community, married, four children, eight grandchildren

Languages: German/English

WS-021: A Biographical Reflection on the Foundation and Development of the Christian Community (Annelie Larkin) (DE, EN)
A Biographical Reflection on the Foundation and Development of the Christian Community
What role do the impulses emanating from the first four Erzoberlenker play for the Christian Community in the context of the historical events of their time?
The workshop will include working groups to explore the questions: How do the impulses of the respective Erzoberlenker live in individual congregations today? What new impulses are arising from today’s congregations? (Selection of life themes and their historical relevance; reflection and discussion).

Personal details: Born as the seventh child in November 1961 in Halle an der Saale, Germany, I pursued law studies in Bonn after graduating from high school. In the following years I married, had our two children, and moved with my family to England for a longer stay abroad. While still living there, I completed my three-year training as a biographical counsellor in Kassel, Germany, Under the direction of Karl-Heinz Finke. The subject of my final year project was the reflection on the spiritual identity of the Christian Community during its first ninety years, based on the biographies of the first four Erzoberlenker. Since 2013 I have been working as a biographical counsellor in my own practice in Stuttgart.

Languages: German, English

WS-025: The Song of songs (Friedrich Schmidt-Hieber) (DE)
The Song of Songs
Friedricht Schmidt-Hiebermore current than ever
We experience love as the fundamental force of our human existence. It is immeasurable what is said about it day after day all over the world! But what is love really? We want to explore this question in a discussion based on Paul’s Song of Songs (1 Cor 13).

Personal details: Born in 1946, priest since 1975 after studying natural sciences. Active as a parish priest and as a leader. Emeritus in 2016. Contributor to the magazine Die Christengemeinschaft for decades. Married, five grown children.

Languages: German

Fully booked! WS-027: Sacraments creating future (Michael Bruhn) (DE, EN, ES)
Sacraments creating future

We speak of our »renewed sacraments«. This means, among other things, that each of the sacraments contains ideas and impulses for our future individual and social life which did not yet exist traditionally. We shall attempt to find them together.

Personal details: Michael Bruhn, grew up in Guatemala and Berlin, degrees in theology and curative education, priest since 2001, Lenker for Switzerland and south-western Europe since 2016.

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Age: 0-100

Fully booked! WS-028: The Second Coming of Christ and the Adversaries (Joachim Paulus) (DE, EN)

The Second Coming of Christ and the Adversaries
the paradox of evil

“I am a part of that power which always intends evil and always does the Good”. So says Mephisto in Goethe’s Faust. Does this also apply to the Second Coming of Christ? – An exploratory dialog with one’s own soul.

Personal details: Born in 1960, ordained priest in 1986, parish priest in the parishes of Hanover, Hamburg-Blankenese and since 2002 in Bremen. Leader of many children’s camps until 2005. Since 2017, lenker of Northwest Germany.

Languages: German and English

Fully booked! WS-033: Mission and work of the priest in and with the congregation (Ulrich Meier - Wolfgang Jaschinski) (DE)
Mission and work of the priest in and with the congregation

Perspectives on training and continuing education, practical aspects of congregational life
In the Forum we always be coming back to the topic of the interaction between priests with parishioners, as well as to the question: What does the Priests’ Seminary teach on this subject? Ulrich Meier has now written a series of articles on “The Mission and Work of the Priest in the Parish”. These articles will form the basis for our discussion of this topic, the goal of which will be a summary in the form of a documentary report. This report can in turn serve as the foundation for an outlook on the future. Status Feb. 27th, 2022

Zur Person: Ulrich Meier, * 1960, priest since 1990, 16 years parish priest in Hanover, 16 years in the leadership of the Hamburg seminary, since 2004 on the editorial board of the magazine “Die Christengemeinschaft”.

Wolfgang Jaschinski ,* 1952, formerly a research scientist, since 2004 in the Herdecke parish, since 2019 in the LOGOS-2022 team as editor of the LOGOS newsletter; since 2020 involved in

Languages: German

WS-043: Transubstantiation - a special form of Consecration (Roger Druitt) (EN, CZ)
Transubstantiation – a special form of Consecration
Substance, primarily bread and wine, carried by the ritual into a new kingdom, beyond Nature.
Session 1: What can we perceive and experience? Reality and Idea.
Session 2: What is the religious background?
Session 3: What do Anthroposophy and Modern Science have to contribute to “trans-substant-iation”?

Zur Person: Priest in England since 1970. Seminary teacher in Plant Observation and Colour Theory. Writing a book on this subject. Other publications: 2014 Festivals of the Year, Sophia Books; 2018 Observing Nature’s Secret, Rudolf Steiner Press

Sprachen: English, Czech

WS-046: The Path to Priesthood: Training and Ordination (Helena Otterspeer - Mariano Kasanetz - Karl Friedhelm Zimpel) (ES, PT)
The Path to Priesthood: Training and Ordination
Priests’ Training in the Christian Community
Estudio y práctica en el seminario de sacerdotes – ¿Quiénes son admitidos? ¿Evaluacion? La admisión al grupo de consagración y la consagración en sí.
Formação sacerdotal e consagração
O estudo e a prática no seminário de sacerdotes – Quem é admitido? Avaliação? Admissão ao grupo de consagração e à consagração em si.

Personal details: All three are priests in the Christian Community

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese

Age: 15-100

WS-055: Ritual and the Re-appearance of Christ (Luke Barr) (DE, EN)
Ritual and the Re-appearance of Christ
Sacraments as a Revelation of the new experience of Christ
Day 1. Rituals: their significance for modern human beings, and as medium of the aetheric Christ
Day 2. Truth as experience and revelation : The sacrament of Consultation
Day 3. Sacraments and the seven “I am sayings”

Personal details: I was born in 1970 in south east England. I completed a Bachelors degree in European philosophy and Literature in England. After that, I moved to Germany and became a qualified special needs pedagogue, working in Camphill am Bodensee, eventually as a house manager. I then joined the Hamburg Priesterseminar, and have worked as a priest since 2014, mostly in the UK, but now in Germany.
I am married with 4 children.

Sprachen: German and English

WS-056: Living with Questions - Living a Life of Prayer (Nora Minassian) (EN)
Living with Questions – Living a Life of Prayer
Facing existential life quesitons by living with The Act of Consecration of Man

In our times, we are confronted with many life questions – family, relationships, vocations, health, illness, physical and soul pain, financial difficulties and questions of finding purpose and meaning in our lives. In this workshop we will work on ways of transforming our questions into spiritual guidance through a daily practice of prayer. How our life of prayer can grow and develop through our questions and how we can cultivate a living relationship with Christ through the path of our communion Sacrament – The Act of Consecration of Man.

Personal details: Nora Minassian was born in Syria to an Armenian family. She studied in California and received her B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering and her M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She attended seminary training in Chicago and in Stuttgart with a Practicum year in South Africa. She was ordained in Berlin in 2009 and now serves The Christian Community in Sacramento, California.

Languages: English

WS-057: Illness, crisis and knowledge: different paths of the human being's relationship with Christ (Mariela Gatica Valdes) (ES, EN)
Illness, crisis and knowledge: different paths of the human being’s relationship with Christ
To observe from one’s own biographical experience how the steps of the process unfold that through illness, life crises and the path of knowledge, bring us closer to the encounter with Christ. We will accompany this journey supported by images from the Gospels and a meditative path through the Foundation Stone, the motto of Pastoral Medicine and the Meditation of Warmth.

Personal details: Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 15, 1970. I wanted to be a doctor since I was 6 years old. From the age of 11 until the age of 18 I participated in different work groups in the Catholic Church with the Salesian congregation. I studied Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires, where I graduated as a Medical Doctor in October 1992. I got married, started my Pediatrics Residency and became a mother for the first time in 1993. I completed my Pediatrics specialty in 1997 and at the age of 29 I started my training in Pediatric Oncology. I continued working in Children’s Hospital until I was 35 years old, when I started my training in Anthroposophic Medicine. As part of a project to develop anthroposophic medicine in Argentina, I began and completed my training in clinical oncology, expanding my medical work to the adult world. I became a member of the Christian Community in 2009 and have been a member of the Michael School since 2010. Since 2016 I was part of the impulse of the Los Girasoles Foundation, as medical director and coordinator of the training course for anthroposophic medicine. In 2017 I joined the Raphael Circle. At present I am a teacher and physician at the Los Girasoles Foundation and work for the promotion of anthroposophic medicine in public hospitals. I am still married to the father of my 5 children.

Languages: Spanish, English

WS-061: Courage to confess one's faith (Sarah Humérez) (DE) - families welcome
Courage to confess one’s faith
Abashedness (on the part of the younger generations) about one’s own faith
Together, we want to get to the bottom of what is often a lack of courage for one’s own faith today. What are the possible reasons for this? Are they external or internal, individual reasons or even social and/or cultural ones? Whatever answers we discover here – how can we meet them powerfully and courageously? What can a strong faith look like in today’s world?

Zur Person: Born December 1st, 1988 in Randersacker (Würzburg). Attended the Waldorf kindergarden in Würzburg and the Waldorf School for 12 years. Christened and confirmed in the Christian Community and participated in many community activities there. In 2010 training as a psychological counselor. This was followed by various activities on the job market. 2016: took over the management of a company. Took on the business management in other companies in 2019 and 2021.

Languages: German

Alter: 14-100

WS-064: »Since this time he has been the Lord of the forces of Heaven on the earth« (Klaus Schäfer-Blankenhorn) (DE, FR)
“Since this time he has been the Lord of the forces of Heaven on the earth”
Is there a connection between the “Forces of Heaven” and the planets?
What are all the different things these words from the Creed might mossibly mean?
For thousands of years, “heavenly powers” were understood as a sevenfoldness. Even today, this is reflected in the seven days of the week. Moreover, in the Gospel of St. John, for example, two sevens are represented in a mysterious way: The seven I Am words and the seven symbolic deeds performed by Jesus Christ. And of course through Rudolf Steiner we know of the sevenfoldness of the ancient Christian initiatory path that begins with the Washing of the Feet and leads to the Ascension. Where are these seven “heavenly powers” today?
In an overly-simplistic way, people today tend to conceive of these heavenly powers as refering only to the sun. But what about the other six astrological heavenly bodies?
Rudolf Steiner once spoke of the fact that in the course of the fifth post-Atlantean cultural epoch there will be a resurrection of the old astrology, which will be “permeated by the Christ impulse” (Jan. 2nd, 1914, GA 149). What could he have meant by this? For a very long time Klaus Schäfer-Blankenhorn, a parishioner from Freiburg im Breisgau, has been dealing with the question of what it could mean if the Christ, as “Lord of the celestial forces on earth”, were to be understood not only as Lord of the Sun, which has become earthly, but also as the Lord of the forces of the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, which have likewise become earthly – and hence Christian.

Person details: born in 1954, married, two grown children, from 1987- 2021 work as a Waldorf teacher, since 1994 work on the question of a contemporary and future astrology in Rudolf Steiner’s sense, seminars, consultations, books.

Languages: German, French

Age: 14-100

WS-067: Christianity for non-believers (Nils Cooper - Guido Rosell) (DE, EN, +)
Christianity for non-believers
Understanding and experiencing one’s own religion
In this workshop we will look at how to understand Christianity today and how to bring it into a fruitful relationship with our own lives.

Personal details: Nils Cooper, born in 1976. Underwent classical voice training and studied theater directing. Work as a singer and director, as well as in television. Studied at the Priests’ Seminary in Stuttgart. Ordination as a Christian Community priest in 2019. Since then parish priest in Berlin Wilmersdorf.

Guido Rosell, born in 1988 in Buenos Aires. Studied architecture. 2016 – 2020 studies at the Seminary in Stuttgart. 2020 ordination to the priesthood. Since then parish priest in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

Languages: German and English. Spanish if desired; please consult us.

Alter: 0-100

WS-078: Strengthening Our Relationship with Christ as Our Helping Guide (Jeana Lee) (EN, +)
Strengthening Our Relationship with Christ as Our Helping Guide
In this workshop we will explore a devotional gospel study practice that can strengthen our relationship with Christ. He is with us always as our Helping Guide, yet at times we feel lost or uncertain or alone. This practice offers a way to consciously access His message for us today. We can experience the Christ as our friend and companion, speaking to us through the gospels. Bring something to write on and write with, and a copy of the gospels if you can. Texts will also be provided.

Personal details: Rev. Jeana Lee grew up in the central coast region of California before attending Smith College where she earned a degree in Chemistry. She encountered Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education while living in Boulder, CO, and worked as a Waldorf high school teacher in Spring Valley, NY. There she met The Christian Community and was ordained in May of 2021. She is now a priest in the Chicago, IL congregation.

Languages: English, poss. one other language

Age: 16-100

WS-103: Diluting, smiking, ashing, oiling! (Anastasiia Mazur - Martin Kühnert) (DE)
Diluting, smoking, ashing, oiling!
Substance processes in death rituals. Presentation, conversation, practical experiments, artistic action.
In conversation, in experiments and artistically, we want to look at and to describe the cultic substances used in the death rituals, the processes underlying them. In this way we will seek a deeper understanding of the way we use cultic means to accompany persons in the process of dying.

Personal details: Anastasia Mazur, born 1992 in Ukraine, priest’s ordination in 2019, since then priest in Bremen

Martin Kühnert, born 1961 in Jena/DDR, priestly ordination 1988, Priest in Osnabrück

Languages: German

Age: 14-100

Fully booked! WS-104: The Michael school and the Michael cultus (Ursula Hausen, Veit Kattwinkel, Arndt Schuermann) (DE)
The Michael school and the Michael cultus
Michael’s working through the cosmic forces of the Sun and Moon
Further development of the relationship between Anthroposophy and the Christian Community according to Rudolf Steiner’s lectures of Sep. 14 and 16, 1924 (GA 248): The common goal is the cultus of Michael in the spiritual world, processing karma.

Zur Person: Veit Kattwinkel, Class facilitator

Arndt Scheuermann, Class facilitator

Ursula Hausen, Priest

Languages: German

Age: 16-100

WS-105: The Christian Community and the Integration of the Church into the New Mysteries (Tomáš Boněk) (DE, CS)
The Christian Community and the Integration of the Church into the New Mysteries
Movement for religious renewal as a bearer of the Mysteries and a continuation of the history of the Church

Outwardly, the Christian Community has much in common with the traditional church stream – and yet it is different. It was founded following the hidden mystery stream. It is a movement that unites two formerly hostile worlds. This has led – and in some cases still leads – to some misunderstandings. How can the Christian Community be understood in the context of church history? What is its relationship to the new mysteries and to anthroposophy? How did this relationship develop and change in the years 1922 to 1925 and how is it today?

Personal details: Born 1972 in Prague, member of the Christian Community since 1991, studied theology at Kalrsuniversität in Prague and at the seminary in Stuttgart, ordained priest 2000. Worked two years in Windhoek, Namibia, since 2002 in Prague, Czech Republic. Executive of the Anthroposophical Society in the Czech Republic, pastoral medical collaboration in the framework of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum. Married, 3 children.

Languages: German, Czech

Age: 0-100

WS-112: Male and Female in Marriage (Rose Steinberg) (DE)
Male and Female in Marriage
Discussion and meditative practices for more in-depth understanding of the topic

Personal details:


Age: 0-100

WS-115: Christening: Questions and Perspectves (Christian Bartholl - Tuula Huhtala-Salmisto - Jeanette Terra - Tiiu in't Veld - Fritjof Winkelmann) (DE, DK, NO, SE)
Christening: Questions and Perspectives
Three perspectives on the sacrament of baptism
1st day: Why baptize?
2nd day: Where do wie come from? Where are we headed? The path from the spirit-world into the community of the earth
3rd day: What a wonderful task: Becoming a grardian.

Personal details: Priests of the Christian Community

Languages: German, Danish, Swedish, Nowegian

Age: 0-100

WS-116: Baptism: Community, Substances and Symbols (Lars Karlsson - Marcus Knausenberger - Anke Nerlich - Annette Semrau) (DE, DK, NO, SE)
Baptism: Community, Substances and Symbols
Three aspects of the baptism
Day 3: The baptismal community as a means of community-building, formation of the body through the act of baptism
Day 2: Water, salt, ash: the substances of baptism
Day 3: Triangle, square and cross: The symbols of baptism and the Trinity

Personal details: Priests of the Christian Community

Languages: German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

Age: 0-100

WS-123: Meditation and research on formative forces in the Christian Community? (Antje J.A. Schmidt) (DE, EN)
Meditation and research on formative forces in the Christian Community?
LOGOS experience and word meditation of research on formative forces
Words are creative. They create in the etheric field. To perceive them etherically means to become their student and to be surprised and instructed by them. Methodically sequential exercises from research on formative forces enable conscious perception in the etheric.

Personal details: born 1970, A-levels and agricultural home economics, 4 children. Fields of work: Curative education, eurythmy and art therapy, religion, “temporary Anthroposophical monastery”, research in the living aspects of word and nature, lecturer on “research in formative forces” and “the Anthroposophical path of knowledge”.
Languages: German, English
Age: 21-100

WS-140: Sacred Moments: Sacraments in the course of our Biography. (Rafal Nowak) (EN, DE, PL)
Sacred Moments: Sacraments in the course of our Biography.
7 Sacraments and Human Life
Our life can be measured in 7-year intervals. We grow our “bodies” – our identities in the 7- year “epochs”. Each of these 7 year “epochs” can be seen as a beginning of a new revelation of our earthly journey. The 7 sacraments too are members of one “body” – the supersensible body of Christ. Like seeds planted in the ground of our lives, they complement, enrich, and fulfill our destinies allowing us to grow beyond our establish selves. What is the relation between our biographical “epochs” and the 7 sacraments? How do we consecrate our lives through our conscious relationship with sacraments?How can we learn to see our biographies as a testimony of the workings of the Risen One?

Personal details:

Languages: Englisch, Deutsch, Polnisch

Alter: 0-100

WS-005: What is Essential? (Ulrich Becker) (DE, EN, FR)
What is Essential?
Discovering and deepening inner life
Reaching into the spokes of the wheel, stopping for a few minutes in the constant bustle of everyday life, letting other aspects of our being come to the fore: How can I go about this? What has proven useful? How can I deepen my own experiences?
In the workshop we want to explore: How can I come to inner peace? How can I access contemplation? How can I do justice to inner aspects of my being?
A warm welcome to all who want to explore or take further this inner side of life.

Personal details: Meeting people, trying to understand them in their cultural differences, accompanying people on their paths of destiny, is one part of what I am enthusiastic about. Another part is the constant quest for how we can better recognize the spiritual part of our existence and actively give it more space in our lives. My having been sent to Germany, Namibia and France has offered me a rich field of experience in my 26 years as a priest.

Languages: German, English, French

WS-009: Born Blind - Karma and Knowledge of Christ (Jörg Evertowski) (DE)
Born Blind – Karma and Knowledge of Christ
Workshop on the Gospel According to St. John, chapter 9
What are we doing when we understand a story from the Bible? It would seem as if the Disciples’ question in Joh. 9 on the reason for the beggar’s innate blindness implies the notion of karma. Is that really the case? What is Christ talking about in his enigmatic answer, which refers to “the manifestation of the Works of God”? How do we read this answer with respect to the End of History and to its remarkable dramatics? – The objective of this workshop is to try out different approaches to understanding the topic and to practice changing one’s perspective. Practice of this kind is active exercise of the Consciousness Soul.

Three units:
1. The Disciples’ question referring to the reason for being born blind
2. “Doing the Works of God” – Karma, Healing or Revelation?
3. The meaning of the Christ-knowledge gained by the man born blind

Personal details: Dr. Jörg Ewertowski, *1957. Training as a goldsmith, majored in philosophy, German and evangelical Theology in Frankfurt am Main. Doctoral dissertation on Schelling (“The Freedom of Beginnings and the Law of Becoming”) Head of the Zentralbibliothek der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft in Deutschland (Central Library of the Anthroposophical Society in Germany, Jörg Ewertowski is an Autor (e.g. of »Die Entdeckung der Bewusstseinsseele«) and faculty member in a number of Anthroposophical facilities.

Languages: German – no translation into other languages.

WS-045: Growing Younger, Becoming a Disciple (Mariano Kasanetz) (DE, ES)
Growing Younger
Becoming a Christian, priesthood at large
Becoming a disciple, growing younger – from the Gospels, we seek inspiration for our own personal development and for social healing.

Personal details: Born in Buenos Aires in 1971. Studied physics and music. Instructor of mathematics and physics in the upper school and at university level. Work as a choir director. Ordination in 2004 as a Christian Community priest, from then until 2019 active in the parish in Buenos Aires. Since September 2019 member of in der directorship of the Priests’ Seminary in Stuttgart.
Married, father of two children.

Languages: German, Spanish

Age: 0-100

WS-080: Ideals are fine - but how do I put them into practice in everyday life? (Jakob Besuch) (DE, +)

Ideals are fine – but how do I put them into practice in everyday life?
Practical instructions for spiritual work

Behind every ideal there is a being that connects with the human being as soon as he grasps the ideal with his enthusiasm. But what hinders its actual realisation is usually not first the outside world or other people, but one’s own mental constitution. It must undergo a transformation in order to become a suitable tool for the being behind the ideal. To this end, I will try to introduce some methodical steps.

Personal details: born 1984 in Kassel. After school I worked as a freelancer in the field of 3D animation / advertising film, then I studied to become a qualified animation film director. Discovered anthroposophy again at the age of 28. Entered the priesthood in 2018, working in this profession in Jena. Married and father of 5 small children.

Age: 18-35

WS-081: To put an end to ones own life (Claudio Holland - Liza Lillicrap) (DE, EN)
To put an end to ones own life
How can one understand such a step an how can one learn to cope with it?
When a person ends their own life, it is usually impossible for others to understand and extremely painful for the survivors. Those left behind are often speechless and in despair. What was going on inside the deceased to make them take this step? Quick judgments about such an act aren’t helpful. Concrete reports and experiences, as well as questions, can open up ways to approach the mystery of this phenomenon. Based on questions from the participants, we will consider the topic and the dynamics that can be involved. Both lecturers have experienced the loss of someone close in this way. The conversation will be offered both in English and in German.

Personal details: Liza Lillicrap, born 1964 in Bradford-on-Avon, UK, married, 2 children, studied German and music at the University of London, taught singing and piano privately for many years, lived in Sydney, Australia for 20 years, worked as a language teacher at the Waldorf School and also had a part-time position in the church choir for many years. Since 2021 priest of the Christian Community; first in Bremen, since April 2022 in Stroud, UK.
Claudio Holland, born 1971 in Kiel, married, 4 children, 1990 Abitur at the Waldorf School in Kiel, civilian service in curative education, completed training as a goldsmith, then studied at the Christian Community Seminary in Stuttgart. Since 2001 pastor in the Christian Community, first in Bremen, from 2007 in Braunschweig, since 2015 in Hannover. Since 2016 staff member of the Christian Community’s “Contact Point for Abuse Issues”

Languages: German, English

Age: 16-100

WS-085: Learning as a way of coping with life (Hellmut Voigt) (DE, +)
Learning as a way of coping with life
Crises as challenges for development
Workshop in three steps / on three consecutive days: 1. exercises in self-awareness – how do I affect other people? 2. how does the spiritual world / my angel / Christ see me, based on the notion of reincarnation? 3. what contribution can I make involving the sacrament of confession and communion?

Personal details: Born in 1951, grew up in Rostock and Dresden, college qualification exam, studied engineering at the Technical University in Dresden, married, 6 children, seminary Leipzig, priest since 1979. Pastor in Chemnitz (Karl-Marx-Stadt), Rostock and Überlingen. Lenker Southwest Germany 11/2011 to 04/2022.

Languages: German. Other languages as well, if a translator is available.

Age: 18-100

WS-090: Mother Holle (Jan Tritschel) (DE)
Mother Holle
The openly apparent secrets contained in fairy tales and knowledge of the reincarnation (rebirth) of the human spirit from ancient times up to the 2022 Logos Meeting
The ancient cutures and religions possesssed knowledge of repeated earthly lives. In the church-Christianity of the past centuries, this knowledge descended into a Sleeping Beauty sleep. Esoteric Christianity secretly preserved this knowledge for our culture, until, in the last century, Rudolf Steiner actively and profoundly once more reported on these huge spiritual laws. The other great minds of our history never lost at least an inkling of it. In fairy tales, the ancient secrets are hidden in a seemingly naive way. In these stories, the secrets are revealed once more in the form of pictures those who at least think they might be possible.

Personal details: Born in Weimar in 1970, ten years of school, swimming, brass band, punk band, theater carpenter, attempts to escape from East Germany, embassy occupation, occupied house in the West, construction trailer, from N.Y. to Tierra del Fuego, silence, London, seminary in Stuttgart and Hamburg, ordination, married, 4 children (2 in heaven), priest in Dresden.

Language: German

Age: 14-30

WS-091: The LOGOS as a source of health and happiness (Marc Jungermann) (DE)
The LOGOS as a source of health and happiness
Concrete exercises from Viktor Frankl’s “Logotherapy”

Personal details: Born October 10th, 1964 in Hamburg. Grew up in Herdecke, Waldorf School, college entry exams, civilian service, world travels, study of history and geography. Five years as a Waldorf teacher, since 2002 priest of the Christian Community (Stuttgart, Göppingen, since 2015 Braunschweig), married, two sons.


Age: 0-100

WS-097: »...three spiritual currents« (Michael Rheinheimer) (DE)
“…three spiritual currents”
Soul moods of Christianity
Immediately after the foundation of the Christian Community, Rudolf Steiner gave an evening lecture on October 1, 1922, in which he characterized three spiritual currents in Christianity. A western one, connected with the Grail, an eastern one connected with the great cultic acts, and a third, middle current, which took hold of Central and Western Europe not only religiously, but scientifically, as well. We intend in three units to deal with these currents and to explore the question of what they mean for the present.

Personal details: Born in 1978 in Berlin. Studied at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig and at the Stuttgart Priests’ Seminary. Priest in Bonn.

Language: German

Age: 18-100

WS-100: How do I find my life's purpose - how does my life's purpose find me? (David Schiffer) (DE, +)
How do I find my life’s purpose – how does my life’s purpose find me?

What did I come into this world for? What have I set out to do? Is it (only) about earning as much money as possible and living a comfortable life? Can I give a meaning to my life? Are strokes of fate a sign – if so, what for? We are going to try to find out how to find purpose in one’s own life by doing exercises together and by talking with each other. And we are going to start looking for it right away.

About the person: David Schiffer is 44 years old, married, 2 daughters. He studied physics and computer science and worked as a computer scientist and software developer for 21 years, 18 of them with his own company. Since 2020 he is a priest of the Christian Community and works in Zurich.

Languages: German; English only if a translator can be found.

Age: 16-37

WS-102: New life spaces (Sabine Krüger - Joachim Paulus) (DE)
New life spaces On becoming after death. What awaits us after death? What will the experience of death be like on the other side? What do we experience then and is there such a thing as a judgment? What steps does the soul go through after death? Can we sense the passage of the soul between death and new birth, can we sense echoes of it already in earthly life?

Personal details: Sabine Krüger: born in 1965, ordained priest in 2010, since then parish priest in Göttingen (Lower Saxony).

Joachim Paulus: born 1960, ordination in 1986, parish priest in the congregations in Hannover, Hamburg-Blankenese and since 2002 in Bremen. Since 2017 lenker of Northwest Germany.

Languages: German

Age: 0-100

WS-107: Birth is life at its fullest, with all the trimmings (Johanna Hünig) (DE, EN)
Birth is life at its fullest, with all the trimmings

Childbirth – what is that, anyway? – between nature and high-tech medicine, the past and the future, dependency and self-determination, pain and utmost happiness, fear and courage, the sense world and the spiritual world? Farewell and arrival in one, struggle and surrender, me and you, giving birth and being born.
We will turn traditional ideas upside down about what birthing must be like and how women have to suffer through it; we will switch perspectives and discover just how different this life event can look: how years, if not the whole life, are condensed in childbirth – with all the trimmings. But who directs this adventure in the forces of nature? And what does the child actually experience?
Whether these moments of concentrated life lie in the distant or near future, or whether they are already part of our own lives: all persons are welcome who are willing to muster the courage for at least two changes in perspective, to discover what childbirth has to do with our whole life and how it can become something worth looking forward to.

Personal information: Born in 1981, School in the Ruhr District, broadening of horizons in the North and in the South, midwifery training in Hannover, 10 youth hiking camps in six countries, Priests’ Seminary in Chicago and Stuttgart, midwifery in Europe, Africa and South America.

Languages: German, English

Age: 17-28

WS-113: Elective affinities, communities of responsibility and other news (Waltraut Fetscher) (DE, +) - families welcome

Elective affinities, communities of responsibility and other news
The future of the Christian community needs organisational imagination: what spiritual family really is.

A group experiential workshop in monologue-dialogue-polylogue forms. Being a peaceful person is the goal, and that’s why ‘getting along’ is so important for healing and transforming relationships, (elective) family and work. Because transgenerational trauma continues to work unconsciously, in all of us…. We will meet in birth year cohorts in small groups and later in the large group to gather themes interactively. Thematically, both the Gospels (Paul 1, Cor. 13) and the values from communication science will be woven into a pulsating look backward and forward. Playful exchange will come about, both verbally and with objects, for the purpose of exploring one’s own biographical narrative.

Personal information: I would rather be happy than right.
Born in Bassum/Lower Saxony (Germany) in 1955; grew up in a rural extended family and emigrated to the German-speaking south after school: Pforzheim: business studies and profession (1975-1985); Stuttgart: seminary studies (1985-1987); Kassel: parish internship (1988-1991); Vienna/Krems: pastor’s wife, two children and family director with parish involvement (1991-2007); psychotherapy studies (2002-2013); Munich: Psychological and movement therapist with groups (TIP/KBT); GFK trainer; since 2009 group seminars on biographical development as well as overcoming transgenerational feelings of war (from 1922 until now). Since 2012, living in a multicultural, transgenerational residential community, Gröbenzell near Munich. Parish Chronicle Austria (1997): The Development of a Christian Community; Master’s thesis (2013): PTSD treatment with CBT in a clinical group setting.

Languages: German, other languages are possible with translator.

Age: 0-100

WS-032: From childhood religiosity to adult spirituality (Michaela Glöckler) (DE, EN) - families welcome
From childhood religiosity to adult spirituality
Religiosität und Spiritualität sind natürliche Veranlagungen jedes Menschen. Wie sie sich entwickeln hängt davon ab, wie sie gefördert, gepflegt oder behindert werden. Welchen Einfluss sie auf die körperliche, seelische und geistige Gesundheit haben, wird ein zentraler Schwerpunkt der Arbeit sein.

Personal details: Dr. Michaela Glöckler, pediatrician, has for the past 28 years been the head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, the anthroposophic School of Spiritual Science in Dornach/Switzerland. Throughout this time she lectured around the world on the integrative medical model of Anthroposophic Medicine. Before that she worked in the pediatric department of the Community Hospital in Herdecke/Germany and served as school physician for the Rudolf Steiner School in Witten/ Germany. She is Co-founder of the Alliance for Childhood and the European Alliance of Initiatives for applied Anthroposophy/ELIANT. Publications in English: “Education for the Future”, “Guide to Child Health”, “The Dignity of the young child”, “Ethical Considerations in Medicine” “Education – Health for Life”, “Education as Preventive Medicine”, “Medicine at the Threshold”, “A Healing Education”, “Developmental Insights”, “Truth, Beauty and Goodness”, “Corona and the Human Heart”

Languages: German and English

WS-044: War - Flight - Trauma - Emergency Pedagogy (Bernd Ruf) (DE)
War – Flight – Trauma – Emergency Pedagogy
How emergency education can help children and young people cope with their stressful experiences.
There are currently around 73 million people on the run. More than half of them are children and young people. Every flight holds the potential for trauma. How do traumas develop? What do they do to the people affected? And how can the children and young people affected be helped to process their stressful experiences through emergency education in order to prevent disorders resulting from trauma? The explanations aim to provide educational professionals and voluntary helpers with skills in dealing with flight traumas and to give them the courage to take on the special challenge.

Personal details: Bernd Ruf, born in 1954 in Karlsruhe, teacher training in history and German studies, Waldorf teacher, special education teacher. From 1987 to 2022 executive director of the Friends of Waldorf Education. Since 1999 co-founder and director of the Parzival School Centre Karlsruhe with competence centre for emergency pedagogical crisis intervention as well as director of the outpatient clinic for emergency pedagogy at the Parzival Centre. In 2006, founder of emergency pedagogy and head of missions in war and disaster areas worldwide. In addition to publications on trauma and emergency pedagogy, he regularly gives international lectures and seminars. Co-founder of the Free International Institute for Emergency and Trauma Pedagogy (IINTP). Since 2019, foundation and development of the organisation “Emergency Pedagogy without Borders”.

Languages: German

WS-077: The defence of childhood (Dr. Peter Guttenhöfer) (DE, EN)
The defence of childhood
Educational oases in the desert of civilisation

On earth, nature is in danger. Plants and animals are leaving the earth. The planet and its natural kingdoms cannot develop healthily without the work of humans. But the greatest danger threatens childhood. “Education” and “school” need to be completely rethought in terms of the Earth’s need. We want to create life rafts for childhood and thus for man’s ability to develop.

Personal details: Peter Guttenhöfer, Dr. phil., approx. 40 years as an upper school teacher at the Freie Waldorfschule Kassel, 30 years of involvement in the training and further education of Waldorf teachers at home and abroad. For many years internationally active in the development of initiatives in action education on a Waldorf basis. Publications in books and journals.

Languages: German, English

Age: 0-100

WS-004: What comes after the cell phone? (Otto Ulrich) (DE, EN)

What comes after the cell phone?
Electrolessness will determine the future
Even “green” electricity is magnetic. Electricity has been around for about 120 years – generated from fossil fuels, which accelerate climate change. But electricity from renewable sources has no future either. The electromagnetic pollution of our civilization will continue to increase even with “clean” energy – cancer and corona are consequences. We have to think about a future without electricity again – a necessity for survival.

Personal details: Physics engineer, Dr. rer.pol.; Has worked for many years in the German Bundestag on issues of technology assessment. He is the author of numerous articles, for example in DIE ZEIT; SCHEIDEWEGE; UNIVERSITAS; DIE DREI.
He is the author of the book: 1921 – 2021 – 2121. Utopia of a Praiseworthy Future [original German title: 1921 – 2021 – 2121. Utopie einer lobbaren Zukunft]. Frankfurt 2021

Languages: German, English

WS-006: The Meaning and the Aberrations of the Natural Sciences (Johannes Wirz) (DE, EN)

The Meaning and the Aberrations of the Natural Sciences

Since their beginnings in the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, the natural sciences have pursued a single goal: To understand the world and, by extension, human beings. Essentially, this concern involves connecting otherwise unconnected experiences and observations by means of thinking. Freedom is not possible any other way.

Technology – derived from the Greek word techne, meaning craft – was a subordinate goal. Only in the last century did science become a tool to shape, transform and, usually unintentionally, destroy the everyday world. Today it directs society and politics with dangerous consequences.

Persons interested in science are cordially invited to an open discussion.

Personal details: Together with Matthias Rang, co-leader of the Natural Science Section at the Goetheanum. Doctorate in molecular genetics. Since 1987 collaborator in the Natural Science Section with Goethean projects in developmental biology, ecology of butterflies, and unintended effects of genetic modification of crops. In recent years, the focus has been on bees – spiritually and in research.

Languages: German, English

WS-007: Media Use and Religious Life (Prof. Dr. Heinz Buddemeier) (DE)
Media Use and Religious Life
Why staring at a picture screen for hours on end promotes the materialistic world-view and creates an aversion toward religious content
At the center of the workshop we place Rudolf Steiner’s statement: “One particularly outstanding way of chasing humanity into materialism is something that is scarcely noticed by this viewpoint: the cinematograph [today, ‘cinematograph’ means movies, television, the Internet etc.] (…) The human being becomes pop-eyed, in the etheric sense (…) This has a materialising effect not only on the conscious portions of the human being, but also on the deepest subconscious portions.” This quote is from “Building Stones for Knowledge of the Mystery of Golgotha”, lecture of Feb. 27th, 1917, GA 175. The meaning of all all these statements of Steiner’s will become clear in the course of the workshop elucidated. (All participants in the workshop will receive a copy of these texts.)
For this purpose prior knowledge will need to be imparted, by means of brief introductions I will give: How is movement created in pictures, and how is it that the technology used in this way has an effect on the subconscious? How are states of trance and hypnosis induced? What makes the media so attractive – both in Steiner’s times and today? To understand the way in which cinematographs carry us into materialism is to become capable of critical examination of one’s own interaction with the media.

Personal details: After studying German, Romance languages and philosophy, I took up media and communication studies, which were new at that time. In 1975 I accepted a professorship in this field (I majored in art education and visual communication at the University of Bremen). From the very start I include Anthroposophy in my research on the media (above all: spiritual scientific research on the senses, on anthropology, Steiner’s statements on the history of consciousness).

Languages: German

WS-017: Altar and nuclear power plant - places of transformation (Dr. Hans-Bernd Neumann) (DE, EN)
Altar and nuclear power plant – places of transformation

Hans-Bernd Neumann Personal details: Christian Community priest, physicist

Sprachen: German, English, Swabian

WS-018: Learning tour on the topic of money (Florian Mende - Falk Zientz) (DE, evt. EN, RU)
Learning tour on the topic of money
Falk ZientzFlorian MendeFind out what money does with you – and with all of us!
You invited on a learning journey that starts at the personal level, takes the path through our banking and financial system and then leads to perspectives on society as a whole. We will explore questions such as: How does money affect me personally? How are money flows controlled? What does money have to do with justice?

Personal details: Falk Zientz, banker and political scientist, with GLS Bank since 1994.
Florian Mende: B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, since 2021 trainee at GLS Bank and on the board of SEKEM Friends Germany.

Sprachen: in German, we welcome English and Russian translation

WS-038: Christ and Natur (Ingwer Momsen - Jürgen Momsen) (DE, PT)
Christ and Natur
Working group with perception exercises on nature
“All around us, all creatures are waiting with great longing” (Romans 8:19) – for man to become a Christian.
In the Christianity of past history, nature was conceived of as a primarily heathen affair; all that mattered was the salvation of the human soul. Humanity felt increasingly separated and alienated from nature.
In the face of the affliction and destruction of the kingdoms of nature, a transformation is beginning to take place, in the form of a new appreciation of nature.
What does Christianity have to do with the earth? How can our view on nature become a Christian one?

Personal details: Dr. Jürgen Momsen (Biologist); Ingwer Momsen (Priest)

Sprachen: also Portuguese, if a translator is present

WS-048: Daring community (a balancing act?) (Alexandra Handwerk und Jürgen Grieger) (...) - families welcome
Daring community (a balancing act?)
Experiments on a 12-sided scale

What happens when we realise that our shared reality has more than just two sides? What polarises communities? And – is the goal really to achieve balance?

Family friendly: Very

Personal details: Alexandra Handwerk: Anthroposophist, lecturer, faculty member, Shaper of community processes, pastor’s wife, mother of four children.

Jürgen Grieger – artist (metalworking), altarpiece painter and researcher, married, one son.

Language: international, because translingual

WS-065: The three mysteries of our time - Michael, Christ and Sorath (Aaron Mirkin) (EN, DE)
The three mysteries of our time – Michael, Christ and Sorath
Karma consciousness, transubstantiation and determinism
Rudolf Steiner encouraged the new priesthood to take on the challenges presented by these three mysteries; with the tree beings behind these myteries, and with the tastks that each of these three place before us. A major sign of our times is the confrontation between Materialism and Determinism on the one hand, and on the other hand the develeopment of a consciousness for the way Karma works. In the middle stands a deed carried out by human beings and Gods together – Transsubstantiation – that bears the key to the resolution of these three mysteries.

Personal details: eight years as a priest in Johannesburg and since 2009 as a priest in Stroud England. Previously a biodynamic farmer in Camphill near Cape Town and previously a Chemical Engineer in the petroleum industry.

Languages: Englich and German

Alter: 0-100

WS-071: The Threefold Social Order as an Orientation to Life (David Wertheim Aymès) (EN, +) - families welcome
The Threefold Social Order as an Orientation to Life
Aimed at the Youth.
Young people come into the world that is difficult to make sense of. This workshop will attempt to show how significant orientation to life can be gained out of the concepts behind the The Threefold Social Order.

Zur Person: David was born in 1961 in South Africa. He is a Waldorf School graduate. David qualified as a Chartered Accountant. David’s life work has been practising the detail of Anthroposophy in business resulting in significant ‘unfair’ advantage.

Sprachen: English, Translators are welcome (andere Sprachen sind mit Übersetzer willkommen).

Alter: 18-100

WS-084: Land as a means of attaining an independent cultural and intellectual life (Jonathan Keller) (DE, +)
Land as a means of attaining an independent cultural and intellectual life
A contribution to regaining society’s health by dealing with land.
Land is a common good, like sunlight, air and water. Treating it like marketable and inheritable private property leads to social imbalances of the greatest magnitude. To solve the social question, land must be returned to the service of the general public. The confoedera land trust company has been doing this for several years. On the basis of this activity, the seminar will show how the land problem can be solved in concrete terms.

Personal details: Born in Zurich in 1976. After discontinuing his studies in economics, he trained as a teacher. Since 2005 class teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School Zurich and Zurich Oberland. 8 years as a member of the school steering committee, with focus on financial responsibility. Since 2015, managing director at confoedera and the Allgemeine Bodentreuhand-Gesellschaft.

Languages: German (English as well, to a limited extent)

Age: 0-100

WS-089: Social Threefolding (Paula Kiefer - Elisabeth Rybak) (DE)
Social Threefolding
A possible bridge between East and West
The most recent war catastrophe seems to be threatening to divide the world into East and West once again. Can we, as Central Europe, add to these two opposites a third instance, one capable of bridging the gap? In this workshop we want to familiarize ourselves with the core ideas of the Threefold Social Order, and to struggle for a clear distinction between the three areas of the social organism: the spiritual life, the economic life and the legal life.

Personal details: The two of us are 26 years old. Over the past three years we have been intensely involved in coming to grips with the prophetic idea of the Threefold Social Order, for the purpose of making a film on the topic. Both of us are students (philosophy and law, respectively). We would now like to set up a course of study in Social Threefolding.

Language: German

Age: 0-100

WS-098: Threefolding as a cosmic principle! (Benjamin Bembé) (DE, EN)
Threefolding as a cosmic principle!
Or: What does the structure of the human skeleton have to do with the pharaonic culture on the Nile?
The Trinity meets us not only in Christianity, but also in the threefoldness of man, animal and plant. Using the example of the skeleton of man and animals we can observe this trinity directly and practically and draw from it clues which likely no one would have expected to exist, but which can also help us learn to understand matters of an entirely different nature.
Thus, on the third day of the course we will no longer be dealing with biological topics, but – of all things -with the basic structure of the ancient Egyptian empire, which through the laws of the Trinity we will be able to understand at a completely different level than we could without these laws. The workshop will likely not be as theoretical as it may seem here, since we will be dealing not only with discussions and observation exercises, but also with biological specimens and pictures. Hence it is suitable for all age groups.

Personal details: Born 1972, studied biology and geography at the LMU Munich. Doctorate on South American orchid bees at the Zoological State Collection Munich. 1999-2002 South Bavarian Seminar for Waldorf Education. Numerous trips to countries in South and Central America and to Egypt. 2002-2018 Upper school teacher at the Waldorf School in Landsberg am Lech. Since 2018 collaborator at the Institute for Evolutionary Biology at the University of Witten/Herdecke. Currently active in the project: “Gestaltbildung im Lebendigen”.

Languages: German, possibly English

Alter: 0-100

WS-117: The threefolding of the social organism - what do I have to do with it? (Initiative group »Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus« Dortmund) (DE, RU)
The threefolding of the social organism – what do I have to do with it?

What does it take for me to experience something as true?

Who is interested in this question and would like to deepen their understanding of this topic in the social artistic? Be it through conversation, movement improvisation, eurythmy or painting on a communal work. The encounters in the workshop can enable an inner experience of the Threefolding – “evoked” through the artistic process.

Personal details: The initiative group  “Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus” (“The Threefoldinf of the Social Order”), in Dortmund. We are members and non-members of the Christian Community, the Anthroposophical Society and the Free University.

We meet as a working group – to explore the threefolding of the social organism – out of insight into the necessity for social change – from the germinal cell which is I – You – We. Every human being carries in his deepest inner being the longing for freedom, equality and brotherhood. After all, every human being is a threefold being consisting of body, soul and spirit, and is – by virtue of the soul forces of thinking, feeling and willing with which he is endowed – constantly in the very midst of actually implementing the threefold structure not only of his own being, but of his environment, as well.

Languages: German, Russian

Age: 0-100

WS-121: Threefolding makes it possible for the Christ impulse to take hold within societyDreigliederung ermöglicht Christuswirken (Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Dieter Bodack) (DE, EN) (Familienfreundlich)
Threefolding makes it possible for the Christ impulse to take hold within society

When people work together, the “striving for validity” (a.k.a. Lucifer) and the “striving for possession” (i.e., Ahriman), come together as adversaries to cause the “striving for power”. Social threefolding can help to awaken the Christ impulse, so that it becomes possible for groups to function in a socially viable manner.

Personal details: Apprenticeship at the Hibernia School, studies in Essen, Stuttgart and Berkeley (USA), staff and management positions with Deutsche Bahn, co-founder of a Christian Community congregation, a Waldorf school, and a company.

Languages: German, English

Age: 12-100

WS-013: Biography Theater (Sebastian Otto) (DE, EN)
Biography Theater
Exit Life – Enter the Stage
To understand where we’re going, we ought to understand where we come from. To be free for the next step, we need to let go what binds us to the past. What stories and experiences of ours have left a particularly strong mark on us? Which fears have we wanted to leave behind for a long time? All these questions can be asked in many different ways. This workshop will be about providing a stage for our experiences, stories, fears, desires and ideals. We will let them have their say and give them space to transform. At the end, we may have serious, or cheerful, or thoughtful little scenes or a play… Whatever comes about will be a very individual offering from each person.

Personal details: Born in 1977, since 2017 priest of the Christian Community in Darmstadt, before that math and biology teacher. Accompanied numerous theater projects with children and young people. Advanced training in the field of “Biography Theater”.

Languages: German, English

WS-023: Dances from around the world (Benedict Lux) (DE, EN)
Dances from around the world

Benedict LuxRousing dances, getting into the swing of things with each other, getting to know different cultures, musical richness, a sense of community, the joy of movement – all these aspects can be experienced directly in folk dances. We dive into a colourful world full of dance and music!

Personal details: Benedikt Lux, born 1971, has been working as a freelance dance leader, choreographer and drama teacher for 20 years. Dance projects with students and dance enthusiasts all over Europe.

Sprachen: Instructions in German and English

Fully booked! WS-039: Dance - Ballroom Dancing (Johannes Labudde) (...)
Dance – Ballroom Dancing
Tango, rumba, waltz and more
Centuries ago, St. Augustine wrote : “O man, learn how to dance, or the angels in heaven will not know what to do with you.” What a statement! Let’s make sure that the angels in heaven know what to do with us – and learn to dance: standard dances such as tango, waltz or foxtrot, but also Latin dances such as cha-cha-cha or rumba. Previous dance experience is not necessary, but if you have it, please bring it along – we can certainly make good use of it. At the “Market of Opportunities” there will be opportunities to put what you have practised into practice, or we can end the day dancing at the “Night Café of Youth”. Augustine would be thrilled!

Person details: Johannes Labudde has been giving dance classes and organising dance balls for young people and adults with and without disabilities since his own school days.

Sprachen: worldwide

Fully booked! WS-041: Archery (Christoph Handwerk) (DE, EN, ES) - families welcome
For beginners
Learning how to use a bow and arrow (without using a sight) for everyone who enjoys outdoor sporting activities together.

Personal details: Born in 1974 in Reutlingen, after attending the Waldorf school he studied at the Priests’ Seminary in Stuttgart and has been a priest of the Christian Community since 2000, currently in Stuttgart. Married, 4 teenage children.

Languages: German, English, Spanish

WS-042: Clowning (Christoph Handwerk) (DE, EN, ES) - families welcome
Without saying a word, a clown can say so much!?
Standing there with nothing – and yet everything possible? Exercises and playing together with failure and improvising with a red nose.

Personal details: Born in 1974 in Reutlingen, after attending the Waldorf school he studied at the Priests’ Seminary in Stuttgart and has been a priest of the Christian Community since 2000, currently in Stuttgart. Married, 4 teenage children.

Languages: German, English, Spanish

WS-051: Word Art and Eurythmy (Vera Koppehel - Maarten Güppertz) (DE, EN, NL)
They have often beset me from my youth, but they have not overwhelmed me! (Psalm 129)
Through word and eurythmy to the power of inner resurrection.
Vera Koppehel: Eurythmie – Maarten Güppertz: Word and play.

For the demanding challenges of our time, we will during these three days seek to acquire spiritually practicable methods for strengthening and revitalising the etheric body in a targeted and concentrated way. These can be easily integrated into everyday life and are designed for sustainability.

Title and objective:

Inspired by the play – to axion esti – which will be performed on Monday evening.

Personal details: Maarten Güppertz is an actor, director and speaker, trained at the State Drama Schools in Utrecht and Antwerp, Dornach and Alanus Hochschule Alfter. Works as an actor, lecturer and broadcaster.

Vera Koppehel is a lecturer in eurythmy at the I.I.M – Institute for Inspired Movement Copenhagen, organises corporate eurythmy at the Software AG Foundation Darmstadt and works independently as a curative eurythmist.

Languages: German, English, Dutch

WS-059: Sculpting in wood (Steven Wouters) (NL, DE, EN, FR)
Sculpting in wood
The human countenance as image of the Logos
Can we make a reflection of the Logos visible in the human face? That’s what we want to try to do in an unhewn segment of a tree trunk, using a hammer and chisel. No prior experience or knowledge are necessary. The will to try things out always helps.

Personal details: carpenter, art docent and shop teacher in the Waldorf School Rotterdam, NL.

Languages: Dutch, German, English, French

WS-070: »Living with Death for the Sake of Learning to Love« (Andreas Loos - Manuel Gustavo Mosquera Ibarguen) (DE, ES)
»Living with Death for the Sake of Learning to Love«
Kolumbien – eine andere Lebensrealität und der Umgang mit Gewalt
The plight of Colombia – a different reality of life and dealing with violence: experiences, biographical elements; simple training with Manuel Gustavo (boxing trainer/boxer); punching bag of emotions; discussion

Personal details: Manuel Gustavo: Boxing trainer in Cali, Columbia, works with children and adolescents.

Andreas Loos: Christian Community priest in Cali, Columbia

Languages: German, Spanish

Age: 16-100

WS-079: Vitaleurythmie (Christiane Hagemann) (DE, EN)
Movement exercises for openness and initiative

In this workshop we will get to know movement exercises from vital eurythmy that promote openness and initiative. We will practise directing our attention so that it is either focused or completely open and wide. The ability to consciously deal with this change makes us inwardly awake and present. This gives us a tool with which we can strengthen our access to our own ‘sacred space’ and better meet the demands of everyday life.

Personal details: As a vital eurythmist and eurythmy therapist, she has worked for many years in adult education and for 20 years at the Hamburg seminary. Regular teaching at professional training courses, conferences and congresses. My concern is to convey the experience of the effectiveness of eurythmy.

Languages: German and English (no translator necessary)

Age: 17-100

WS-083: Rudolf Steiner's Second Mystery Drama for Young Adults (Daniel Hafner) (DE)
Rudolf Steiner’s Second Mystery Drama for Young Adults
The Trial of the Soul
We will be reading, discussing and acting. At the end of the conference we will actually be performing a portion of the drama. We hope to put on a large performance next summer.

Personal details: Daniel Hafner is a Christian Community priest.

Language: German

Age: 17-26

WS-087: Individual Language (Salome Seeberger - Salomé Habedank) (DE, EN)
Individual Language
Comunicating almost without words – by means of art and movement instead
Individual language is a space that is intended for the creation of possibilities for communicating with one another differently than in normal everyday life. We suspect that every person has his or her own way of expressing him or herself and that this person wants to use individual language to open up a space in which other forms of expression can be tried out.
Here we enter into a conversation through various media: painting, sound improvisations, theatrical encounters, etc. In this way, spaces can open up in which a fine conversation, often without words, can arise, and in which everyone finds a form in which he or she likes to express him or herself. If you already have a language in which you prefer to express yourself, we are open to new inspirations.
You are warmly invited, for example, to bring your musical instrument with you, or to let us know by e-mail that you would like to contribute a conversation in nature. Let’s do research together!

Personal details: Salome u. Salomé. We are two friends who have a lot in common. Not only the same name, but also enthusiasm for theatre, circus and stories, the love for nature and the joy of singing, playing and dancing. That being said, we are completely different from one another, and each of us brings our own individual language.

Salomé Habedank, 31 Waldorf school, voluntary service abroad, travelling, apprenticeship for children and youth education , social projects, jobs in various fields, work with children, enacting freedom and the will to find oneself in the chaos of this world.

Salome Seeberger 25 years old, born in a village in the countryside.
Waldorf school, one year doing this and that, training as an experiential pedagogue, training as an theatre pedagogue, organizing conferences and holiday camps, artistic and pedagogical work with children and young people. Search for and creation of spaces of authenticity and free play with one another.

Languages: German and English

Age: 13-100

WS-118: The new chasuble (Christine van Tricht) (NL, DE, EN, FR)

The new chasuble
Renewal down to the fabric

New techniques, sewing machine as an aid in making. How is a chasuble sewn?

Personal details: Christian Community The Hague; sewing chasubles for 10 years for the Christian Community.

Languages: Dutch, German, English, French

Age: 17-100

WS-122: Imagine - Creation out of Nothing! (Csaba Méhes) (All)

We learn the basics of pantomime and prepare a contribution for the colourful evening.

Zur Person: Csaba Méhes is a very well-known mime in Hungary. He has participated with great success in some of the international youth conferences of the Christian Community.

Sprachen: International

Alter: 0-100

WS-125: Russian cooking (Moscow parish) (RU, DE)
Russian cooking
Have fun cooking and baking togther Russian-style.

Personal details: Members of the Moscow parish

Languages: Russian, German

Age: 0-100

WS-143: Water - The Creation of Flowing Forms (Imke Naudascher) (DE, EN)
Water – The Creation of Flowing Forms

Water, one of the three substances of baptism, connects heaven and earth. In flowing water, forms emerge that are reminiscent of living forms. The intimate relationship of water to life is revealed in this form-creating flow. We will perform experiments and bring flowing forms into visibility using dye or plant spores. We will deepen our perceptions artistically and put them on paper by painting. The workshop is also suitable for children accompanied by adults. Please bring insensitive clothing.

Zur Person: Geboren in Hamburg, Studium des Bauingenieurwesens / Vertiefung Wasserbau mit Promotion in Karlsruhe, Teilstudium Biologie, freie Mitarbeit am Institut für Strömungswissenschaften Herrischried.

Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch

Alter: 9-100

WS-003: Icon painting (Edmund Tucholski) (DE)
Icon painting
Icon of the Trinity by Andrei Rublyov

Workshop on the following topics:

Based on the Icon of the Trinity by Andrei Rublyov, the following topics will be covered: Design and technique of icon painting, Influence of icon painting on 20th century art, visit to the Recklinghausen Icon Museum.

Personal details: Edmund Tucholski, born in 1947, majored in biology, philosophy and art history. Painter and art lecturer, Cologne

Language: German

WS-020: Speech workshop (Frank Erhard-Boudhiba) (DE)

Frank Erhard-BoudhibaSpeech chorus, practice with speaking, possibly with music.

Personal details: Frank Ehrhardt-Bouhdiba, born 1950 in Groß-Gerau, interpreting schools, photographer, studied speech formation and dramatic art (Novalis School, Stuttgart), actor with the Goetheanum stage in Dornach, lecturer for language and Drama at the Waldorf Inastitute Witten-Annen.

Sprachen: German

WS-034: »Verbatim« (Moni Boerman) (DE)
An approach to modern poetry through dealing with the “Word”.
Following speech exercises and thorough preparation, work on poems.

Personal details: Lecturer at the seminary in Stuttgart for 16 years; speaker for eurythmy projects; independent projects.

Language: German

WS-037: The forms of the Planetary Seals in the Gestures of the Sacraments (Frimut Husemann) (DE, EN, FR)
The forms of the Planetary Seals in the Gestures of the Sacraments

The seals will be modelled using clay.

Personal details: Born in Stuttgart in 1947; 1968 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart;
1972-79 Contracts (Art at the Construction Site); 1979-2000 Teacher at the Michael Bauer Schule in Stuttgart; 2002 Ordination as Priester of the Christian Community, dispatch to Berlin-Wilmersdorf; 2009 dispatch to Kleinmachnow

Languages: German, English, French.

WS-049: Dynamic zodiac drawing according to Wolfgang Wegener (Corinna Maria Pulmann) (DE, +)
Dynamic zodiac drawing according to Wolfgang Wegener
Zodiac sign Libra – the sign of Michael
Contents of this workshop: comprehending the 7th sign of the zodiac, Libra, in a meditative mood by drawing creatively; perceiving the phenomena of its origin; experiencing its effects on us.

The phenomena are articulate; in drawing they come alive. This can help us to understand the impulse of the Michael forces in contemporary events. Always overcoming our own states of duality by always struggling for the third element, the centre of the soul – and thus bringing ourselves into balance. We find our centre, and so doing strengthen the forces of our Self: the Christ.

No artistic talent or previous experience is necessary.

Personal details: Born in 1966 in Krefeld, mother of two adult daughters, has lived and worked in Kleve since 2015. Has studied Anthroposophy since 1993, trained in artistic biography work, dynamic zodiac drawing, social art design with Rainer Schnurre. I accompany people in individual work, small groups, lead courses, workshops and study groups in Germany and the Netherlands.

Languages: German, some Dutch and English are possible.

WS-052: The Golden Mean in art and the Golden Mean in the human being (Maryna Jandolenko - Nataliia Shatna) (UA, DE, EN) - families welcome
The Golden Mean in art and the Golden Mean in the human being

The search for the Golden Mean through research on the traditions of Ukrainian icons. Each participant will explore his or her Golden Mean and paint a single icon.

Personal details: Maryna Jandolenko: artist.
Nataliia Shatna: Christian Community priest.

Languages: Ukrainian, German, English

Age: 0-100

Fully booked! WS-053: On a stroll with your sketchbook (Christina Meinecke) (DE, EN) - families welcome
On a stroll with your sketchbook

We will manufacture our own sketchpad and then go outdoors on a sketching-discovery tour.

Personal details: Artist, educator, museum educator

Languages: German, English

WS-062: Practicing perception on metal and gemstones (Anna Deimann) (DE, EN)
Practicing perception on metal and gemstones
Practical exercises

How to deepen our perceptive faculties by practicing them on metals and gemstones; practical experience of physical substance as a path to inner development.

Personal details: Goldsmith, years of journeymanship from Switzerland to Lapland, shop teacher, Institute for Waldorf Education in Witten Annen, small teaching position at the University of Herdecke, workshop owner in Bochum; conducts seminars and gives lectures.

Languages: German and English

Age: 15-100

WS-063: Art, science, religion - what change needs to happen NOW? (Kirsten Rennert) (DE, +)
Art, science, religion – what change needs to happen NOW?
How did these three things work together once upon a time, and how can they come together once again in the Christian Community?
Science is indispensable! Art – makes pleasant, Religion – hmmm… maybe for morality? After a lecture and an exchange of thoughts we will take a second step by looking at the history of the altarpiece (including in the Christian Community). In a third step we will design our own altarpiece.

Personal details: Kirsten Rennert, born in 1960 in Halle/S., studied musicology, worked as a concert dramaturge at what has become today’s Konzerthaus Berlin at the Berlin Gendarmenmarkt, priests’ seminary for two and a half years in Leipzig at the time of the German reunification and in Stuttgart, first dispatch to Kassel – marriage to Knut Rennert, three years after to Düsseldorf for 9 years – birth of a daughter, 9 years in Ottersberg, where we built a church, the past 8 years in Leipzig, interreligious work for about 15 years, a lifetime of artistic seeking, contributions to “Die Christengemeinschaft”.

Languages: German, a little bit of English, un peu de Francais

Age: 14-100

WS-074: Portrait painting (NN) (DE)
Portrait painting
Me and You – Tracing the human face by drawing and painting

For a long time we were forced to remain hidden behind masks. With the drawing pencil we want to explore each other in brisk, searching movements, discover ourselves groping, exploring and marvelling and let ourselves be surprised by our counterpart and ourselves. With oil paints we will mix a palette of the living incarnate and paint a small portrait or self-portrait. What you need to bring is a joy of discovery and an analogue or digital portrait or self-portrait as a model – no previous experience is necessary!

Languages: German. Possibly translation into English (by course participants, for example?)

Age: 17-21

Fully booked! WS-075: Altarpiece workshop (Yaroslava Black - Edmund Tucholski) (DE, EN, RU, UA)

Altarpiece workshop
Starting from the actual state of altarpiece painting, questions of further development of the altarpiece will be discussed.

The event is intended for painters and priests.

Participants are asked to bring materials: Paper, paints, canvas, pens, brushes, etc.

Professional symposium: Only professionals (painters, priests, etc.)

Important: This workshop will take place both in the morning and in the afternoon.

Personal details: Yaroslava Black, born 1973 in the Ukraine, studied philosophy and German philology in Czernowitz, pastor of the Christian Community Cologne.

Edmund Tucholski, born 1947, studied biology, philosophy and art history, painter and art lecturer, Cologne.

Languages: German, English, Russian, Ukrainian

Age: 0-100

WS-088: The language of the heart (Liliana Maria Carro) (ES, EN, DE)
The language of the heart
The transformation that gives rise to “Not I, but Christ within me”.
Artistic work involving form-drawing in order to enable an inner life, the language of the heart. In the encounter with the Christ, the heart enters the life of thought, the life of the will and the life of the middle region.
The quest for the mystery which enables transformation.

Personal details: Liliana María Carro, born in Buenos Aires, lives in Neuquén, Patagonia, the southern part of the country. Trained as an art teacher, active as an artist, and a few years later as osteopath. At the age of 35, destiny prepared me for my meeting with Anthroposophy; and a development both individual and social, ensued.
Active for a number of years as an art therapist in the service of children with special needs. Therapeutic counsellor in Waldorf Schools in the area. Founding mother in one of these schools. My first daughter was born in 1994, which inspired me to contact the Christian Community for her to be christened in Neuquén. Thus my religious impulse began in this place in the world. On the 13th of May, we celebrated the fouth anniversary of the consecration of our church.

Languages: Will be translated into German or English. A translator has been provided for.

Age: 0-100

WS-096: Miniature folding altar (Uta Kleier) (DE)
Miniature folding altar
An experiment in painting
A moving pictorial object with an inside and an outside – this is how a folding altar could be described in formal terms. Out of cardboard – with brush and paint – we will produce simple folding pictures, in order to collect experiences involving the outer and the inner aspect of the artistic process. We will be creating small, individual “shrines of the heart”. In conversation, we can explore the question of what it takes for a worldly image to become an altarpiece.
No previous knowledge required.

Personal details: Born in 1966; professional training: communication design (FOS Hamburg); free painting (Alanusschule Alfter); seminary (Cologne, Stuttgart); professional life: Freelance artist, child care, since 2019 priest of the Christian Community.

Language: German

Age: 14-100

Fully booked! WS-106: ...and action! - workshop in film making (Eva Weingart) (DE, EN)
…and action! – workshop in film making
Shooting, conducting interviews, and taking active part in the making of the conference film
Have you always wanted to know how documentaries are actually made? How camera and sound technology work and how to conduct really good interviews? Join the practical workshop, become part of the crew and actively enrich the conference film with your shots.

Personal details: State examination in fine arts (focus on documentary film) and English studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and the University of Stuttgart, then creative producer at Royal Film Company: including production of the cinema film “Roamers” (2021), currently working in press and public relations at the Friends of Waldorf Education and as a freelance film and creative artist.

Languages: German, English

Age: 16-24

WS-108: Social Art Workshop: From Color to Form (Mara Nadia di Stefano - Claudio Panariti) (ES, EN)
Social Art Workshop: From Color to Form
An imaginative approach to the mysteries of the Trinity
A process of experience from the individual to the social.
The possibility of awakening and realizing the capacity of the transformative powers available to us since the Mystery of Golgotha. Exercises of giving, moving, and closing, that allow us greater introspection and awareness through our inner journey.

Personal details: MARA NADIA DI STEFANO

Since 2000: potter, instructor and mother.
From 2007 – 2011: Seminar for Waldorf Education. Since then teaching practice and collaboratoin at different schools, in different impulses and groupings in Argentina; conducting workshops and offering places for families and instructors meet over the activity of clay modelling.
Currently: master’s candidate in the field of visual arts and in art therapy training based on Anthroposophy.

Mara Nadia Di Stefano
Born on May 15, 1979 in Agronomía, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Since 2000 she has been a potter, teacher and mother. Between 2007 and 2011 she attended the Waldorf teacher training seminar. Since then she has been teaching and collaborating in different schools, impulses and trainings in Argentina. She offers workshops and meeting spaces for families and teachers in clay modeling.
Since 2015 she has been a student in Fine Arts and Anthroposophic Art Therapy training at Centro Vertical, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Claudio Panariti
Born on 13/02/1968 in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Graduated as a construction foreman in 1986 and as a structural engineer at UTN in 1988. Waldorf Seminary between 2010 and 2014, looking for a new path.
In 2011, together with Oscar Menéndez, he founded the architecture studio FORMA COLOR ARMONÍA, which develops processes of organic and sustainable architecture based on the anthroposophical vision of the cosmos, sacred geometry and puric measures.
He gives workshops on social and individual transformation: From Color to Form. He works together with surging Waldorf School impulses in Argentina and Uruguay.

Languages: Spanish, English.

Age: 21-112

WS-111: From Deep Darkness to Joyfuls Light (Rodolfo Zuleta Ruiz) (ES, EN)
Vom tiefen Dunkel zum fröhlichen Licht

Painting in pointilism in tropical

In this workshop we will go from darkness to light, using primary colours. We will create “tropical” expressions, feelings, areas and experiences, using the strength and technique of pointillism (Georges Seurat, Paul Signac). We will try to make an individual creation in pointillism.
Personal details: I studied at the Eladio Velez Art School – Technical Institute of Arts. I have been working for 25 years with children and young people in Valparaiso, Antioquia, Colombia, in a social education project, Corporation Valle del Paraíso.

Languages: Spanish, English

Alter: 16-70

WS-114: From Chaos to Form (Christoph Schomann) (DE, EN, ...)

From Chaos to Form

What logos does the language of forms speak? Who is the sculptor and how does s/he work within the human being? We want to approach these questions by sculpting together.

Personal details: Walking, talking, thinking; sculpture studies; curative education; Waldorf teacher

Languages: German, English, communication using arms and legs

Age: 0-100

WS-128: Painting ikons (Maria Sulimowa) (RU, DE)
Painting ikons

Person details: Painter, Waldorf teacher, founder of the Monino Village Communiuty in Russia.

Sprachen: Russisch, Deutsch

Alter: 14-100

WS-022: Singing, Choir, Body Percussion (Jeroen Moes) (...)
Singing, Choir, Body Percussion
Wir wollen in diesem Workshop viele schön klingende Lieder aus aller Welt sowie leichte mehrstimmige Chorsätze behandeln. Body Percussion wird für Abwechslung und Bewegung sorgen. Alle, mit und ohne Vorerfahrung, sind willkommen, wir werden in kurzer Zeit zu einem gemeinsamen Klangerlebnis kommen.
In this workshop beautiful melodies from all over the world and choral arrangements ranging from the easy to the more advanced, will be introduced.

Jeroen MoesZur Person: In den Niederlanden aufgewachsen wohnt und arbeitet Jeroen zur Zeit als Musiklehrer und Chorleiter in Berlin und in Ljubljana mit seiner Familie.
Er unterrichtet Musik an der Freie Waldorfschule Kleinmachnow und ist am Lehrerseminar in Ljubljana tätig. Seine workshops mit Chor, Rhythmus und Volkstanz führen ihn in viele europäische Länder. Seit 2017 regelmäßig Dozent auf Tagungen und Jugendtagungen der Christengemeinschaft.
Jeroen Moes was born and studied in the Netherlands and teaches music in Berlin, at the Waldorf School in Kleinmachnow and at the teacher training institute in Ljubljana. At the moment he mainly lives near Ljubljana with his family.
His courses in vocal music, rhythm and folk dance take him to many parts of Europe, and in Berlin he leads several choirs. Since 2017 regular lecturer at Christian Community meetings and youth conferences.

Sprachen: all

WS-072: What does »living within musical tone« mean? (Irene von Wedemeyer - Wolf R. von Wedemeyer) (DE, ES)
What does »living within musical tone« mean?
Conversations and exercises pertaining to essential statements made by Rudolf Steiner on the question of cultic music
Among Rudolf Steiner’s various statements on the question of cult music, there are some which are easily overlooked and which become particularly interesting, precious and even prophetic when we begin to work with them more deeply. This is what we want to try to do together: to learn to “live in sound” – listening – singing – making music. The only prerequisites for this are the participant’s williness to embark on a journey of discovery and to exchange his or her ideas about this journey. Experiencing and understanding. With or without instruments.

Personal details: Born in 1957, a deep relationship with music and with the religious services of the Christian Community since childhood. Studied music and worked as a flute, recorder and piano teacher. Received decisive impulses for experiencing the essence of music from tone eurythmy; similar impulses for music-making in worship services from Lothar Reubke, Christoph and Veronika Peter, Ingrid Dey and others, as well as from the study of Rudolf Steiner’s statements on music. Ordination in 1997, since then intensively engaged in the question of collaboration between those carrying out religious rituals and those making music during these rituals. Music representative of the Christian Community from 2003 to 2015. Ongoing collaboration in the International Circle for Cultic Music.

Languages: German, Spanish

Age: 14-100

WS-076: Music in the Act of Consecration of Man. Finding one's way into musical dialog through improvisation (Sigrid Smelko) (DE, EN)

Music in the consecration ceremony! Finding one’s way into musical dialog throgh inprovisation
What points of view is cultic music based on?
We explore the “families” of string, wood, metal, wind and air instruments, as well as stones. In addition, there is our native language, the singing voice.

Personal details: Born 1960, grew up with Catholic church music. Since 1987 in search of deeper sound experience with “new instruments”, including lyre. Occupational fields: Organic farming, curative education, Waldorf education.

Languages: German, English

Age: 21-100

WS-109: Singing from the Heart Creating community through song (Daniela Nardini - Tomás Davidis) (DE, ES)
Singing from the Heart
Creating community through song

We will be doing vocal exercises that will enable us to connect with the essence of sound and with the tonal experience provided by singing.

We will sing choral works in Spanish:

One possibility would be to rehearse and sing a choral work composed for this occasion beforehand. We may also sing the work here in meetings to take place in Argentina in July.
A second possibility would be to sing seasonal songs that have been created here in Argentina in recent years for the Christian community.

In addition, we can give a concert with inti dúo (Tomás Davidis and Daniella Nardini) one evening. (Music from Argentina)

Personal details: Daniela Nardini was born on 30 November 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Waldorf education and music in Buenos Aires, Stuttgart and Hamburg. Since 2012 she has been working as a music teacher at the Waldorf School “Arcángel Gabriel” and is a teacher at the Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar and the Kindergarten Seminar in Buenos Aires. In his work as a music teacher and singer, she gives courses and workshops both in Argentina and in other countries (Mexico, Germany, Holland, among others). Together with Tomás Davidis, she integrates the group “inti dúo”, dedicated to traditional Argentinean music. She is mainly interested in the development of active listening and musical activity as a means of personal and social transformation.

Tomas Davidis was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1975. In 1996 he began his music studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2000 he continued his studies at the Musikhochschule “Musikseminar Hamburg” in Germany, where he studied singing with Professors Holger Lampson and Knut Schoch and choral conducting with Professor Michael Hartenberg. Since February 2009 he has been living again in Argentina, where he is active as a musician in various further education seminars: “Argentine Eurythmy School” and “Waldorf Teacher Seminar” among others. He is also a music teacher at the Waldorf School “La Lumbrera”. He leads and has led the following choirs and groups: “Coro del Centro Cultural y Social El Faro”, “Coro Tonalli”, “Octeto Vocal Ingeniero Maschwitz”, “Coro Juvenil de Las Tunas ONG.” He works as a choir/orchestra director and singer, gives singing lessons, workshops and intensive courses on singing, both in Argentina and South America and in Germany and Holland. Together with Daniela Nardini he is part of the group “inti duo”, dedicated to traditional Argentinean music. He is an active member of the Christian Community in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he collaborates on a musical level with other colleagues.

Languages: German, Spanish

Age: 0-100

WS-119: Cultic music in extended tonality (Peter Kraul - Hubert Michael Saladin) (DE, FR, EN)

Cultic music in extended tonality
Introduction to extended tonality and practical practice in singing and playing.

 In a few congregations in the German-speaking world, the impulse of music in extended tonality as elaborated by Heiner Ruland (1934-2017) is alive: there are 24tone organs in existence, music in extended tonality is heard regularly in worship, and the congregation also sings “in extended tonality”.
The goal of this workshop is to bring this impulse to wider circles.  We will strive for balance between theoretical information and actual practice on pieces of music for the religious service. The workshop is primarily, but not only, aimed at people who would like to make music in the Kultus.

Personal details: Peter Kraul is an organ maker; he plays the bassett horn in expanded tonality.
Hubert Michael Saladin is a singer. In the parish in Zurich he leads singing group in expanded tonality.

Languages: German, French, English

Age: 16-100

Personal details: Peter Kraul is an organ maker; he plays the bassett horn in expanded tonality.
Hubert Michael Saladin is a singer. In the parish in Zurich he leads singing group in expanded tonality.

Languages: German, French, English

Age: 16-100