Large Planning Team

The Large Planning Team brings together all those who have taken on or want to take on individual tasks. Here we bring each other up to speed and ensure that everyone involved in the conference is networked. It is about planning the content as well as the organisation of the conference.
The Large Planning Team currently meets about every two months, later it will be more often.

Contact persons for the Large Planning Team:

Ulrich Goebel und Tim Gottschalk

Youth Planning Team

The Christian Community youth planning teams meet separately.
The Youth Planning Team is represented by a delegation in the Large Planning Team.
Contact persons for the Youth Planning Team:
Isabel und Nathanael Becker

Small Planning Team

This is where all the threads come together. The Small Planning Team consists of 5 to 8 people for the various areas of responsibility. The team includes, among others:
Isabel and Nathanael Becker (Congregation of Dortmund, contact of the Youth Planning Team)
Ulrich Goebel (priest in the Christian Community, LOGOS Conference Office)
Tim Gottschalk (Congregation of Wuppertal, Secretary of the Region West Germany, of the German Conference, LOGOS Conference Office)
Laurens and Arianne Hornemann (priests in the Christian Community, Congregation of Dortmund)
Jaroslaw Rolka (priest in the Christian Community, ‘Lenker’ of the Region West German, ‘Oberlenker’)
Oliver Steinrueck (priest in the Christian Community, ‘Oberlenker’).

Contact via  the conference office

Accommodation Team

The Accommodation Team is available to answer questions about accommodation. In particular, it arranges private accommodation and provides support in finding hotels, guesthouses, youth hostels, campsites, etc. Mass accommodation for young people is organised by the Youth Planning Team.


Telefon: +49-2104-819 44 20
Post address via the conference office

Music and Cultus Music

Marianne von Borries (priest in the Christian Community, Congregation of Aachen)
Christoph Handwerk (priest in the Christian Community, Congregation of Stuttgart-Mitte)
Marie-Hélène van Tol-van Hagen (priest in the Christian Community, Congregation of Eindhoven, NL).

Tel.: +49-241-401 61 40