There will be up to four ordinations at the conference. All participants are to have the opportunity to take part in one of these ordinations.

The Act of Consecration

In addition to the priestly ordinations, the Act of Consecration of Man will be held each morning. Using the conference brochure you will receive when you register on site, you can find out the room and the language in which the celebration or sermon will be held.

Cultic devotions in the evening

In the evening there will be cultic devotions following the contributions to the cultural programme. As a rule, there will be a short break, but please feel free to stay in your seats in the halls.

Music in the worship service

All music for all cultic events is coordinated by Marianne von Borries, priest in the Christian Community in Aachen. If you have any questions, you can contact her directly or through our conference office.

The songs for the Act of Consecration have been composed especially for the conference. Click here for more details.