What awaits you?

We are preparing a major conference for 2,000 people of all generations from all over the world. Including 500 young people. There will be over 130 individual events, ranging from lectures to working and discussion groups, workshops, exhibitions, cultural programs, discussions and a night café. The Act of Consecration of Man will be held daily at 8 altars in many languages, as will evening devotions with sermons. There will be a special program for children on the conference grounds. There will also be generous breaks for refreshments, but as well for meetings and spontaneous contributions.

A special feature of the conference will be the sacrament of the Ordination of Priests, which will take place on several mornings, depending on the number of persons to be ordained. There will be separate “rooms” containing exhibitions and installations, but also opportunities for personal activity, in which conference participants will be able to marvel at, conduct research and otherwise work on the essentials of these sacraments. Some of the lectures and workshops will also be thematically oriented towards the sacraments.

There will be four events that all participants will be able to attend at the same time: the opening and closing of the conference, and the first and middle evenings. In order to create space for this (and for many other things), a large tent will be set up. All other events will take place in the halls and other large and small rooms of the Waldorf Schools in Dortmund. There will also be accommodation for the young people.


An overview of the conference program can be found here. Further details will be posted online starting in early 2022.