Name of the Festival

LOGOS – Consecrating Humanity

LOGOS, the creating power of the Word of God, created heaven and earth, all that lives upon the earth and all human beings. The creating Word incarnated and lives with us now and evermore into the future. The Word is the foundation of The Christian Community; as Christians, our substance is the Word; we want to serve it.

What is this Word that sounds toward us ever and again? We may call it a ‘Word of love’, which embraces us as we are, with all our character traits, our strengths and weaknesses, achievements and failures. This Word of Love affirms us and guides us in the act of becoming; it supports and leads us, yet leaves us free. The Word meets the whole of mankind and each individual human being where they are, transforms them, and in doing so it consecrates them.

In this way, the title ‘LOGOS and Consecrating Humanity’ encompasses all that lives in the world and everything that moves us as The Christian Community. It is our hope that our commitment to this origin, goal and enduring power of metamorphosis may inspire and sustain us as we move into the second century of The Christian Community. In this way we seek to be true to our intention to be a movement for religious renewal for the benefit of the whole of Christianity.