More on the name of the conference

LOGOS – Consecrating Humanity

So this is the name of our major worldwide conference in October 2022, with which we want to take a step into our second century; a step into the second century of religious renewal. LOGOS, the original beginning and goal of all development in which the world and we are in motion.

The subtitle designates the consecration, the healing, the sanctification of humanity, of being human. One may say that this consecration, this sanctification takes place through the transformation of humankind and the world. This transformation builds the bridge to the center of our movement, to the seven sacraments and to sacramentalism in general.

The conference takes place during Michaelmas. The Archangel Michael, the spirit of the times and silent helper of humanity, is connected with Christianity and with our Christian Community in a special way. One need only think of the Michaelmas epistle, which echoes Michael’s motive of guiding human beings to an ever-developing comprehension of the mystery of death and resurrection; or of Anthroposophy, which is so close to us in a teaching and helping way and also seeks to overcome, among many other things, the split between faith and knowledge.

Finally, the notion of setting forth into the second century gives rise to questions: How are we to carry on the work begun in the first one hundred years? What do we seek to achieve with our Christian Community in the future? What does Christ want to achieve through His Christian Community on earth, hence also through us? From all this follows the question: How do we develop the forces of inspiration in a renewed Christianity?

This means that there are four pillars of content for the conference:

– LOGOS – Consecrating Humanity
– The sacraments, sacramentalism
– Michael
– Setting forth into the future and the question of the forces of inspiration

These pillars are intended as crystallization points for everything in the way of topics and events that is planned for the conference. We look forward to a very wide variety!