Information for Registration

Conference fee

Adults € 280
Youths, students, trainees € 160
Children (up to 14 years) € 120
Family flat rate € 380

Reductions and grants towards travel costs are possible, no one should be excluded from the conference for financial reasons. Please contact:

Christine Jost, Coordinator Swiss
Schlossackerweg 1, 4102 Binningen, Schweiz
Tel.: +41-61-301 70 64

A word on participant contributions: The size of the conference and the current uncertainties involved in the Corona measures make the calculation of the conference very difficult; it is conceivable that Corona may even make for noticeably higher costs overall. The above-mentioned participant fees are by no means enough to cover the costs of the conference. Depending on the actual situation in autumn 2022, they will cover about one third to one half of the actual costs. We will try to raise the other necessary funds through donations and endowments. In particular, we hope that a number of people will pay a higher contribution and thus support the conference as a whole. We will inform you of further possibilities of support here. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information on the calculation and financing of the conference; please do not hesitate to contact the conference office.


  • Private accommodation
    When registering, you can ask for private accommodation. Many families in the communities and from the schools here will be happy to accommodate you. Our accommodations team will then get in touch with you and put you in touch with your host.
  • Dormitory accommodation for young people
    We can only offer dormitory accommodations on the conference site for young participants. Sleeping bags and camping mats are required, and dormitories of various sizes will be available. Further information is available at the conference office.
  • Hotels, guesthouses, campsites etc.
    We have reserved contingents at several hotels, guesthouses, campsites and others. In the confirmation of registration you will find a link to these quotas. Please book rooms from these contingents yourself via this link. Please book the room with breakfast. If you have any further questions, please contact our accommodation team.
    Attention - important note for accommodation
    The contingents in the hotels are only reserved until 30 June 2022. After that, they can be booked again by visitors to other events. This can quickly become a problem in Dortmund if a football match takes place in the stadium during our conference
  • Our accommodation team can also provide you with information on guesthouses, campsites and other reasonably priced accommodation. In this case, however, you will have to book the accommodation yourself.


If possible, you will have breakfast in your accommodation. For the young people and for all those who do not have breakfast in their quarters, it will be served at the conference. Lunch, dinner and basic drinks will be provided at the conference. All this is included in the conference fee.
In addition, there will be cafés and the like where you can buy coffee, tea, cakes and small snacks.
Child care, children’s conference

For children up to about 8 years of age, there will be childcare by the hour during the conference.

For older children from 9 to 14 years, there will be a children’s conference with overnight accommodation either directly on the conference site or in the surrounding area. As soon as the details are known, we will publish them here.