The conference is for everyone: children, teenagers and grownups. For children in particular wie offer the following:

Child care (age 0 – 8)

For children up to the age of 8, we offer on-site childcare by the hour during the day, so that parents can attend the conference. The children can expect a colorful program appropriate to their age. There will be singing, reading aloud, playing, etc. The children will eat their meals together with their parents.

When registering, please include in your message that you are bringing one or more children of this age group who will be attending childcare. Please also include their names and dates of birth. Or you can also register your children individually for the conference. Please understand that only children of conference participants can come to childcare.

Childrens’ conference (age 9 – 14)

Older children up to confirmation age can participate in their own children’s conference, which will be held in the same place at the same time. The children will probably stay in tents and participate in the conference meals. At individual selected events the children will be present and also contribute something. Otherwise, there will be a varied and multilingual program: there will be singing, dancing, playing, etc.

Please register each child attending the children’s conference individually and write your own name in the message so that we know who to contact if necessary. In principle, children of this age group can also be registered for the children’s conference even if the parents themselves are not attending the main conference. In this case, please contact us in advance.