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The Christian Community

In the midst of the many religious and ideological communities of our time, The Christian Community has its own community life. On the one hand, this is based on the renewal and further development of the Christian service, the Mass, into an act of consecration for human beings. On the other hand, there is a new Christian confession or Creed, which contains the truth of the Christian faith in a form appropriate to our time.

Worship and confession are brought to life through the shared and individual religious practice of the faithful. This also includes a new approach to the Gospel and to prayer.

The Christian Community is therefore a community of sacraments. Baptism, confirmation, confession, marriage, ordination and last rites are connected with the central sacrament, the consecration of man.

More about The Christian Community and its background can be found on the international page.
The Christian Community – Movement for Religious Renewal

The Conference

The Christian Community has existed since 1922. To mark the 100th anniversary, the conference presented here will take place in autumn 2022. Browse through our page, e.g. on the purpose of the conference, its content and much more.